Learn Emerging Risks & Ways to Protect Yourself

BizLAWgic offers Live* all-day Legal Workshops for only $299!


NOTE: Your business can receive a 50% reimbursement through Custom Fit if you are a qualified business through the Business Resource Center at DATC. 50% is $149! What a deal. You pay it all now and get reimbursed 50% after becoming a qualified business.


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8:30 am Registration

9-4 Workshops on Legal Issues Important to Business Owners, like:

  • Government Enforcement Actions against Industries & Businesses – who they're after and why

  • Pandemic Landmines to Avoid

  • Fires Started by Customers

  • Danger Zone Marketing Practices

  • Contracting Practices Disasters

  • Privacy, Privacy, Privacy & More Website Risks


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BizLAWgic Is Here for You

At BizLAWgic, the focus is on small business owners and helping them navigate the emerging risks to their business.

Fairly Priced Unbundled Packages Offered

BizLAWgic is committed to providing high quality, efficient legal services at an affordable price for small business owners. Check out the many unbundled packages offered and let's get started.

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