Fairly Priced Legal Services for Small Business Owners

Because You Can Proactively Reduce Risks in

No matter what stage you're at in building your business . . .


BizLAWgic is here to help you protect what you've built . . . so, you can have:

  • an advisor on your team who cares about you and your business,

  • someone to trust,

  • someone to help solve your problems,

  • some peace of mind, and

  • knowledge of potential problems, then you can head them off at the pass. 


Proactive and Reactive Solutions

If you're in a "reactive" situation where you have a pending "fire" that needs to be addressed...

        Let's put it out!

If you don't have a "fire" but want to proactively approach potential problems before they happen...

        Let's do it together!

Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we can craft a path to successful risk mitigation.


General Legal Counsel Services

Oftentimes, small business owners cannot afford in-house general counsel or to retain a law firm for a few years.

          This can cost a lot more in the long term.

You're going to pay . . . it's just a matter of how much and when . . .

Being proactive NOW can SAVE a lot of time, $$$, and resources later.

BizLAWgic is designed to "fill the gap" until an owner can afford in-house general counsel.

So that owners can have some experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel along the way.

BizLAWgic offers unbundled legal services at prices for a growing business' budget.

As your business grows, choose to have access to an attorney

     who cares about you & your business.

Then, when you're ready to add General Counsel to your Executive Team,

      BizLAWgic can be there to help with transition and overflow.


Choose to protect your business with BIZLAWGIC!

Select a package or schedule a consultation today!


Empowering Business Owners with Information

Serving owners is what we do! Sometimes businesses fail...


One reason is because

        Owners don't know what they don't know

When they find out...

        Oftentimes, its too late to protect their business!

"Know what you need to know"

        Make the informed decisions you need to make 

                   as you grow your business!

An important part of BIZLAWGIC services is

Empowering Owners with knowledge of risks created by:

  • Noncompliance
  • Regulators
  • Customers
  • Business Partners
  • Independent Contracts and 
  • Industries

So, owners KNOW WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW to protect their business.

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BizLAWgic Is Here for You

At BizLAWgic, the focus is on small business owners and helping them navigate the emerging risks to their business.

Fairly Priced Unbundled Packages Offered

BizLAWgic is committed to providing high quality, efficient legal services at an affordable price for small business owners. Check out the many unbundled packages offered and let's get started.

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