Frequently Asked Questions

How is bizLAWgic different?


      The differences start with the name.

Law Firms usually have the founder(s) and partners in the name . . .

        BizLAWgic is what we stand for!

Rather than emphasizing the last name of the founder, she chose to emphasize the firm's clients . . .  

        That's right . . . Business

and she chose to emphasize the type of services offered by the firm . . .

        Hmmm... the Law.

Also, bizLAWgic is about an approach to business and life. 

        What that means is that there are laws that govern all things . . .  

        (1) you need to know what laws apply so you can make informed decisions,

        (2) evaluate the risks and costs if you don't comply, and

        (3) comply with those laws.

 Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Not knowing doesn't help you . . . It just puts you in a position of vulnerability because you're unable to make informed decisions.

Stay in the Know . . . BizLAWgic offers free information about emerging risks.

        Weekly tips on emerging risks on Instagram & Facebook, 

        Online Lunch & Learn (coming soon), and

        Email newsletters. 

So, you can know what you need to know and make informed decisions.

Another difference is the flat fee unbundled legal service packages. 

       The typical law firm models are:

          (1) the traditional law firm model,

          (2) the free/cheap fill-in-the-blank online forms model, or

          (3) the classic subscription model . . .

                  All of which fail the mark . . .

The “traditional model” . . . takes advantage of businesses and encourages inefficiency (with the never-ending billable hour). . .

        Efficiency is key to bizLAWgic model! Rather than encouraging inefficiency with the billable hour -

BizLAWgic's goal is to be efficient in providing legal services so clients pay LESS (yes . . . novel concept for a law firm).

The “fill-in-the-blank forms model” which gives a little bit of what businesses need, but

           (oftentimes, increases their risks) . . .

        Ever buy a form online?

It's ok . . . you can totally admit it and there's no judgment. ;) 

        Forms have a purpose and fill a gap where the traditional model wasn't working.

The problem with online forms is that they aren't specific to your situation and lack updated information that may significantly impact your situation.

        Sometimes forms even create more risk for a business.

Of course, the bizLAWgic model uses forms (no need to reinvent the wheel) . . .

To the extent they meet your needs and create efficiencies to keep costs down for you. 

However, the forms are just a starting point . . . the forms are modified specifically for your situation and with updated law so you don't have the risks normally associated with an online form.  

The “classic subscription model” provides slightly more than the forms, but

           lacks in the ongoing relationship a business really needs.

BizLAWgic's goal is not to gouge you each month with a subscription fee and hope you never call.

         Rather, bizLAWgic provides flat fee, unbundled legal services.

The goal is to serve you so well that you'll use bizLAWgic again. 

        Hopefully, you'll sign up for the free services . . . 

        Know what you need to know . . . 

Then, when you need legal services - bizLAWgic is your "go to" for general legal counsel services.

BizLAWgic model is to charge $199 for an Initial Consultation.

Typically, law firms will offer a "free consultation" (which is really just a sales pitch).

Rather than give real value during the "free" hour,

        other law firms spend that "free" hour gathering basic information and then explaining all the reasons why you should retain their services.

Then, after retaining the other law firm, they spend several more hours (on your dime at $300-$400/hour) gathering specific information that was needed in the first place. 

BizLAWgic has you fill out a comprehensive Questionnaire to be reviewed by an attorney before the Initial Consultation.

That way, when you meet, the time isn't spent just gathering basic information and giving you a sales pitch. Rather, specific questions related to your matter will be asked and options discussed.

Unlike other firms, with bizLAWgic it is entirely possible to receive options that cost you less and that you can try before spending more money to retain the firm.  

The bizLAWgic model honors your limited time, money and resources!


BizLAWgic Is Here for You

At BizLAWgic, the focus is on small business owners and helping them navigate the emerging risks to their business.

Fairly Priced Unbundled Packages Offered

BizLAWgic is committed to providing high quality, efficient legal services at an affordable price for small business owners. Check out the many unbundled packages offered and let's get started.

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