Want to Know if the Government is Looking into Your Business or Industry?

Government Record Requests

Recognizing that requesting information from government entities is a public record and could expose a business to scrutiny, a way of obtaining the information without exposure is to have an attorney make the request for you. That way, the attorney makes the request as part of its representation and the information may have attorney-client privilege protection. BizLAWgic offers the following packages related to government records requests.

Research Appeal Options


If you have a government records request that has been denied in whole or in part and you're not sure what to do? You can receive legal advice on whether to appeal and the likelihood of success. This includes:
  • Attorney review of your responses to the Questionnaire,
  • Initial Consult up to 1-hour,
  • Up to 10 hours of research on the potential basis' for appeal,
  • Follow-up Consult up to 30 minutes.

If you choose to appeal, then you'll be given a custom quote.

WARNING: Review the response/denial for time to appeal. Act promptly so you don't lose your rights.

Basic Records Request

The Basic Records Request includes:
  • Initial phone consultation with an attorney up to 1 hour,
  • Draft records request based upon Initial Consult,
  • Review your edits to records request until finalized,
  • Finalize and submit records request to government entity,
  • Receive, brief review of government response up to 1-hour, and forward to you government response to records request.

Basic Plus Records Request

This package includes:

  • Basic Records Request
  • 3 hours research for other records to request,
  • Detailed draft records request,
  • Review your edits to records request,
  • Finalize and submit records request to government entity,
  • Receive government response & up to 3 hour review/format of government response and email,  &
  • Up to 1-hour Follow-up Consult.

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