Employees can be Your Biggest Threat


One of the highest risks to a business is its employees. Applying policies and procedures that comply with the law in hiring and treatment of employees through termination, coupled with best practices and some good 'ole common sense can reduce your risks. Have an attorney providing advice along the way can reduce your risks considerably.

Employee Hiring Review
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Hiring practices can expose businesses if they do so in a way that show discrimination (or preference). To mitigate such risks, adopt & apply P&P that show you base hiring decisions on the qualifications of the candidates. Also, keep records that reflect the process used in deciding who was the most qualified candidate. Included:

Attorney review of your responses to Questionnaire,

  • Hiring P&P,
  • Job posting(s),
  • Job description(s),
  • Application,
  • Interview Questions,
  • Pre-Hiring Verification, and
  • Basic Offer Letter.

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