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Starting a business can be daunting, but we're here to help you. When forming your business, there's a lot to consider from the legal perspective, like:

  1. How to protect your personal assets from your business liabilities;
  2. How to proactively minimize your business liabilities;
  3. Proactively positioning to prevail if there's a dispute with a third party;
  4. Proactively deciding what happens if there's a dispute between you and a business partner, what happens to your business if you or a business partner get divorced, what happens to your business if you die, etc.;
  5. How to minimize your taxes.

Forming a business entity is the first step toward protecting your personal assets from your business liabilities.

BIZLAWGIC can assist you in forming a:

     Limited Liability Company

     Series Limited Liability Company

     IRA Limited Liability Company


     Limited Partnership


     S-Corp Election

Your Business Formation package includes the following:

  • Up to 1 hour consultation with Attorney (additional time with attorney is billed at hourly rate)
  • Name check with the state
  • 15 minute call with Attorney to answer questions while client registers for an EIN
  • Draft Organization documents
  • Registration of Organization documents with the state
  • Operating or Partnership Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Organizational Minutes
  • Certificates
  • Unit Register or Ledger
  • Seal
  • Binder
  • Sample forms to assist you in protecting your assets and help prevent piercing the corporate veil and
  • Directions on Next Steps to protect yourself from the liabilities created by your new business

               Cost for an LLC, Partnership or Limited Partnership only: $1200+filing fees

               Cost for a Series LLC or C-Corp: $1750+filing fees

               Cost for an IRA LLC: $1200+filing fees for single member, or

                                                      $1600+filing fees for two or more owner/members

               Cost for S-Corp Election form and filing: $125

Add On Packages Offered with your Business Formation Package:

Registered Agent Package

All businesses are required by the state to name a Registered Agent who can receive legal service on behalf of the business. Some clients choose BIZLAWGIC LLC to be their registered agent for privacy purposes and then use a PO Box for the business. Registered Agent package includes the following:

  • Receive all legal notices and email them to you within a reasonable time of receipt and
  • 15 minute call with Attorney related to the legal notice if scheduled by client

Some ask why our Registered Agent services cost more than our competition - that's because we include a 15 minute call with an Attorney for EVERY legal notice received as your Registered Agent. It's easy for you to schedule a 15 minute appointment to discuss the legal notice with an attorney and the value is definitely worth the extra money - especially if you have more than one notice/year.

                Cost for Registered Agent Package only: $175/year

Annual Meeting, Minutes and Registered Agent Services Package includes:

All businesses are required by the state to hold an Annual Meeting and proof of that meeting are the minutes. If you're audited by the IRS, this is one of the first things they'll ask for. If you get sued, the other side will ask for these to see if they can pierce the corporate veil and have the judgment apply to your personal assets - not just the business assets. Holding an annual meeting and memorializing it in minutes is critical to show your business is separate from you. We're all about being proactive, so this package includes:

  • Reminder to hold Annual Meeting
  • Emailed questionnaire for you to respond to
  • Draft Minutes based upon your timely response to emailed questionnaire
  • Hold a virtual Annual Meeting up to 1 hour with Attorney if scheduled by client
  • Finalize Minutes and send out for your signature
  • 1 year Registered Agent Services
    • Receive all legal notices and email them to you within a reasonable time of receipt and
    • 15 Minute call with Attorney related to every legal notice received as your Registered Agent if scheduled by client

                  Cost for Annual Meeting, Minutes and Registered Agent Package: $500/year

We would love to assist you in forming your business, contact us now.

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