Nicole Call

After two decades practicing law, I created BIZLAWGIC because after serving:
    quasi-governmental entities,
           governmental entities,
              judges, and

I realized that small business owners are tragically under-served by law firms.

Their options were basically limited to:

          (1) the traditional law firm model,

          (2) the free/cheap fill-in-the-blank online forms model, or

          (3) the classic subscription model . . .

All of which fail the mark . . .

  • The “traditional model” hourly rate +. . . takes advantage of businesses and encourages inefficiency . . .
  • The “fill-in-the-blank forms model” gives a little bit of what businesses need, but (oftentimes, increases their risks) . . .
  • The “classic subscription model” provides slightly more than the forms, but lacks in the ongoing relationship a business really needs.

That's when my dream was born . . .

My dream to create BIZLAWGIC - a different kind of law firm

What if owners had access to an attorney, like me . . .

  •           Who cares about their client's business?
  •           Who looks for efficiencies in providing services to their clients?
  •           Who wants an ongoing relationship with clients?
  •           Who recognizes that providing ongoing information to clients is an important part of proactive legal services,

 I decided that my law firm would have to include an ongoing education piece so that clients can recognize they're headed for problems . . .

  • Tip Tuesdays on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn,
  • In-Depth Articles on my Blog, and
  • Live All-Day Workshops . . .

So, my clients would know they're headed for problems.


Creating such a law firm was my dream

But, I was making A LOT of $$$ doing what I was doing . . .

It was a huge risk . . .

     a LEAP OF FAITH . . .

Some said I was completely CRAZY . . . In fact, one colleague said he could sell my time $400/hour all day long . . .


     Am I CRAZY??? . . .


Maybe . . .

                I DID IT ANYWAY!!!


If you're one of those business owners who had a dream and you did it too,

I would love to help you protect your dreams!


Sometimes there are icebergs in the dark waters that you don't even see coming.

I want to help YOU see them coming and navigate around them.


Based upon the diversity and depth in my experience, I bring a unique perspective in identifying options for my clients to solve their legal matters.

If you read this far . . . then, you might be wondering about me (as a person . . .)

Well, . . .

When I'm not engaged in my passion of practicing law,

I can often be found with the love of my life, Gordon (he's the guy who has put up with my crazy dreams for almost 30 years), or with one of my four kids and my newish acquired son-in-law.

When I'm NOT hanging out with the fam,
I love to . . .

       Learn new things,

          Travel (especially historical sites),


      Serve God and His children (that's you).

I also admit that my guilty pleasure (once in a while) is to binge-watch legal and medical dramas.


Now, you know all about me, and I would love to learn about you and your business . . . 

Review the packages and let's get started . . . working together to protect your business!

BizLAWgic Is Here for You

At BizLAWgic, the focus is on small business owners and helping them navigate the emerging risks to their business.

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BizLAWgic is committed to providing high quality, efficient legal services at an affordable price for small business owners. Check out the many unbundled packages offered and let's get started.

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